Pretrial FAQs

What is Pretrial? – The purpose of Pretrial Services is to assist Judicial Officers in discharging their duties.  It is intended to provide information and services for use by the Courts. The information helps to determine the risk to public safety and the assurance of appearance by individuals at all Court hearings pending trial or another hearing.

How do I get put on the OAR Pretrial Program? – You may be referred to the OAR Pretrial Program either by the magistrate at the jail or by the Court.

What do I need to do once I’ve been referred? – You will need to call our office to set up an intake appointment with us. When you come in for your initial appointment, please remember to bring in any paperwork you may have from either the Court or the magistrate. The phone number for the Charlottesville office is 434-296-2441. The number for the Orange satellite office is 540-672-2881.

Where is OAR Pretrial Services located? – We have two offices. If you have been charged with a crime in the City of Charlottesville, the county of Nelson or the County of Albemarle,  you will report to the OAR office at 750 Harris Street, Suite 207, Charlottesville, Virginia 22960. If you have been referred by any Court in Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, Madison or Orange Counties, you will need to report to the OAR satellite office at 101 North Madison Rd, Orange, Virginia 22960.

When will I need to report to OAR Pretrial services? – Please contact the appropriate office within 72 hours of release from the jail or within 72 hours of referral from the Court.

What happens if I don’t report o
r I miss an appointment?
– When you are placed on the Pretrial Program, you will be given a Pretrial officer. Please contact your officer as soon as possible should this occur.

Will the Court know how I’m doing under supervision? – Yes. Your Pretrial Officer will update the Court on your progress as you move through the system. We will follow your case from beginning to end, whether that be in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, General District Court or Circuit Court.

change-1245949__180[1]What will I be doing under supervision? – That will depend. Once you have come in for your initial intake, you will be placed on a supervision level. That will determine how often we will need to see you. In addition, we will use the Magistrate’s or Court’s conditions that they place on you as a guide for your supervision.